Clark Bockelman is a drone pilot, cinematographer, an editor and an all around jack of all trades producer. He even cut part of the W Magazine fashion film he was featured on! Watch it here →

Born in Indiana with an adventurous side, Clark moved away to explore more interests and developed a passion for the outdoors and cameras while attending school in Colorado. He recently moved to New York in 2013 where he pursued a career in modeling, and has since been widely successfull, gaining countless insights into the creative and professional side of film and cinematography working with and appearing in the advertising of various major clients around the world such as: Calvin Klein, GQ, V Magazine, Hero, Hercules, Client, Rollacoaster, VMan, Man of the World, H&M, Alexander Wang, and L'Official Hommes.

Connecting with SWOON NEW YORK shortly after beginning his career, he now works closely with the founder and managing director Ramon J. Goñi, expanding interests in all fields and assisting on new and exciting projects. Starting from a passion at a young age Clark has been flying remote control aircraft for over 15 years and has transferred this experience over to filming with drones and aerial photography.

As an extreme sports athlete, Clark adds a new style and unique eye to the team using his intense and grueling experiences to draw inspiration for characters and creative content.

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